DCMA is a unique marketing agency that focusses on providing quality services to you, our client. We develop responsive web applications that are highly optimised and ready to deal with high traffic volumes. Knowing that it’s not enough to just have another website, we additionally provide you with an option to help you market and drive more traffic to your website.

Highly Optimised & Fast

We make sure that every web application that we build is highly optimised and fast. We are taking it a step further by using our own private servers with a CDN so all your visitors enjoy a great user experience.

Mobile Responsive

The use of tablets and mobile devices to visit your website are only getting more popular. We make it our responsibility that your site performs well on them and that every visitor has the same experience.

Secure & Stable

We take security very serious on our servers as well as the way we develop your web application. We use the latest and most stable coding practices. Be sure that code behind your site is clean and efficient.

Search Engine Optimised

Your site will be search engine optimised so that it will be ranked higher in Google as well as other search engines. This will make sure that people will discover your website faster and help you deal with competition.

Website Analytics

Detailed analytics will allow you to see exactly how many visitors your website is getting on a daily basis. Equipped with this information you will be able to make adjustments on your traffic getting strategies.

PPC Campaigns

Let us setup Pay Per Click campaigns for your website to help you get highly targeted traffic. We are able to do this using professional expertise we gained through out the years.

Here is what our clients are saying

Perfect way to reach our audience
When Coree World Aid Foundation first started, we were searching for the perfect way to reach our audience. We wanted a website to present all our details, including a blog with pictures and videos. From the very first day up to today we are more than satisfied to be able to reach our audience through the website which was and still is proudly managed by DCMA. Myself together with the CWAF team advise you to give DCMA a chance and you will not regret it. They have a great team to work with and do the job in an excellent way.
Has done a great job
DCMA has done a great job. I could always count on them. The service was quite good. And you can see that they put a lot of work and time into it. Compared to my previous website, this is a great improvement. My site looks now much clearer and more professional. I have nothing but praise for the work DCMA has done for me. Goran even helped me to implement the payment processor “IDEAL” on my website and I am so proud about that. This was a very big wish of me.

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